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Our greatest gift is curating and conjuring highly specific energetic environments. Through identifying the right set of guides, principles, spirits, and souls The Zen Cave provides and protects communication, harmony, and spiritual safety. 

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A Healthy Mentality

The mind is an incredible place. Our Mind Wellness functions consist of mindfulness groups, meditation sessions,  and mental expansion techniques

Get Active

Our space is just the beginning. Yoga. physical fitness, and body acceptance training happens here and wherever else we decide to go.

It Starts With Belief

We value the soul as the belief engine for our existence. Through spiritual guidance, helping connect divine dots, and supporting the trial and error that is self-mastery we feed souls to be weapons of mass construction.


The Zen Cave Story

Development of our mind, body and soul, is a relentless moving target, especially when moving at the speed of life. Odulana Orisanmi curated The Zen Cave as a space to build community around being intentionally WELL with our whole selves. The Zen Cave hosts private discussion groups, supports and invites all practices of wellness, empowers guided spiritual development, and has a sh!t ton of fun doing it!


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